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About Us

Gozian provides state-of-the-art solutions for protection of personnel, equipment, and facilities from a multitude of extreme environments, man-made threats, and natural hazards.  We are a subsidiary of Karagozian & Case, Inc. (K&C) with unique, but complementary,  talent and expertise.

With support from K&C, Gozian can offer ultra high-performance solutions backed by material characterization data, high-fidelity finite element analysis, and computational fluid dynamics which enables the development of revolutionary protective designs that can push materials, connections, and systems to the extreme limits.

With a talented pool of fabricators and licensed professional engineers (mechanical, structural, civil) Gozian can develop and fabricate practical and affordable solutions. Gozian supports the US Government and commercial sector with a breadth of services and products ranging from individual manufactured components to full system assemblies.

Whether you need build-to-print manufacturing, custom designs, and/or system development and integration, Gozian is the right company for you.

Our Facility

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machining equipment, 5-axis water jet, welding tables, walk-in oven, composite/lamination equipment, a clean assembly area, and a packaging/crating department.